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Mark Raymond Mason
Hyee people . Today i want to inroduce you all about the on of the fineart photographer . His name is Mark Raymond Mason grew up close to nature, in the quiet interior of British Columbia, Canada. His parents were very active – Mark, an only child, was introduced to the wilds as a baby in a backpack, and began to explore on his own as soon as he could walk. Naturally curious and creative, he was also immersed in the arts, but it was in high school that an open-minded art teacher gave him free reign with a real camera for the first time.

After leaving home, Mark traveled and adventured for long periods, learning trades like shoe cobbling, English teaching, and ranch-handing in between. He met his wife, Terri, on a rocking climbing trip. He learned a host of artistic skills, but it wasn't until he sold a broken-down car to an auto wrecker that he finally bought his first camera. The fit was immediate and electric; Mark has spent the better part of the years since refining his skill and exploring creative possibilities from behind the lens.

Mark and Terri live in Kamloops, British Columbia. They adventure together throughout the world whenever they can, taking on hiking, climbing, and cycling expeditions throughout North America and abroad. To supplement his income from print sales, Mark is studying to become a professional land surveyor. He still spends most of his free time making photographs, studying art, and showing his photography to others.

Many people have asked for more about the photographer and what attracts them to the kind of photography they do. As far as they go, his a jack-of-all-trades, a gypsy, a free thinker and a dreamer, a protagonist in their own life and an antagonist in many others'.  His not a typical frustrated artist, but maybe just a little.  

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