Nature fine art

 Alaska Northern Lights With Igloo

Why I choose this fineart picture because im very interested on this . The Igloo with the Northern Lights is still one of my very favourites not only because it was a lot of hard work involved. Probably this is one of his most successful shots. Based on the photographer,He planned the shot of the Igloo with the Northern Lights for quite some time. Unfortunately mother nature does not always cooperate with him. After they built the Igloo, which took them two days, the weather changed (almost as "usually" beforte a "big shot"). It was frustrating to have the Igloo ready for days but the weather would just not work with him. He spent night after night out here hoping for a gap in the clouds and freezing his butt of at the same time. Temperatures sometimes were below 40.
After a few days the weather finally cleared and he was happy that clouds did not longer block his view into the cold Alaska nights. it was the third night that finally weather and northern lights were on his side. He actually planned this shot on his 8x10 large format camera, but he had to set up the camera waaay before dark, by the time the northern lights arrived the shutter was frozen and he could not open the aperture. It was quite painful after all the waiting, sitting and freezing but its lucky not everything was lost. He used his Contax 6x4.5 with a external battery pack, he was able to keep the camera "warm" all day and night so he did not run into the same problem.
He set inside the Igloo a Coleman Lamp which provided a warm enough light, he messured all the details before the Aurora borealis started dancing. After about 30 seconds into the shot he had to switch the Lamp off to make sure the Igloo will keep all the details and will not be washed out. Although he can't recall today the exact shutter speed he used he remeber that it was around 5 minutes, which makes sense when you look deep into the picture and focus on the stars which left a short star-trail behind.

other example of Nature fine art 

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