Fine art architectural photography

This is one of the magnificent buildings on the Princeton Campus in New Jersey. Some of the buildings there are really something to look at. It’s hard to believe that they use these buildings on a regular basis. This one had kind of a stout feeling to it because of the general size of the building.


This photo can be accomplished with striking modern architecture and/or architectural history . I seek the artistic angles and viewpoints is more than just a travel snapshot or mere archaeological record.

Afghan Girl

This is one of the fine art photo . The photographer focus on her eyes . In my opinion,her eyes show us mistery of her life . This photo taken while a war between US army and Afghanistan . For me , eyes is a part that can represent our expresssion to other people . Like a malays quote " Dari mata turun ke hati " .

Winter Landscape - Infrared


  • used a EF28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM Lens. needed to use a tripod
  • slow shutter speed : used manual focusing + overexposing for snow +2/3. 
  • Shooting Date/Time : 01/03/10 09:38:51
  • Owner's Name : Dapixara
  • Shooting Mode : Shutter-Priority AE
  • Tv( Shutter Speed ) : 1/80
  • Av( Aperture Value ) : 5.6
  • Metering Mode : Evaluative Metering
  • Exposure Compensation : +2/3
  • ISO Speed : 100
  • Lens : EF28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM
  • Focal Length : 135.0mm
  • Image Size : 3888x2592
  • Image Quality : RAW
  • Flash : Off
  • White Balance Mode : Auto
  • Picture Style User Defined (Landscape)
  • Sharpness : 7
  • Contrast : 0
  • Saturation : 0
  • Color tone : 0
  • Color Space : Adobe RGB
  • Long exposure noise reduction 0:Off
  • High ISO speed noise reduction 0:Off
  • Highlight tone priority 0:Disable
  • Dust Delete Data : Yes
  • Drive Mode : Single shooting

This is the Cape Cod National Seashore in Eastham, MA, January of 2010.

Black and White Photography Techniques.

From black and white photos it can get more when converting it into HDR. The most important thing to know about converting your color digital files to black and white photography is :
  1. you must adjust the contrast and exposure settings until you have a true black and a bright white. explanation: If there are vibrant colors to be reveals, it's best left in color! the best is b&w food photography on film! Black and White Conversions: Convert to Grey scale.
  2. the Hue/Saturation Tool
  3. Gradient Map.
  4. Channel Mixer. explanationmake a duplicate layer, convert that layer to mono in which ever way you prefer, probably best to use Channel Mixer as you can't change the mode of the image to greyscale (that would turn the other layer to mono too), to erase through to the colored areas you want to keep. You can of course do the same thing by selecting the area you want colored and then hitting Backspace to remove the selected area.They  found it useful to create one new layer per color as this gives you the ability to fine tune with layer opacity, different blending modes and masking out areas of over-spill, part masking areas where two colors blend etc.

The other way is shoot in black and white in your camera. Black and White Photography Techniques can produce some really nice results. There are several different ways of producing a black and white conversion, some better than others obviously, and some that require a little bit more effort. For the record I usually use the channel mixer as it allows you to pull the conversion but it's not as complicated as LAB mode! 

I do love black and white photos:D


Black and White People Photography

The most successful black and white people photography are those that do more than provide alikeness, capturing the subject's personality. Even the portrait of a stranger can have an emotional charge, simply because we glance the subject's character or the photographer's view of it.

What black and white photos can do better than color.?
Black and white creates an immediacy and authority, particularly with faces, that often surpasses that of color. It also allows the photographer great freedom of interpretation.

Black and White in Photography

Black and white photography does not seek to show reality with accuracy, or even to duplicate it. Nor is it a substitute for color Its is simply another way of seeing subject matter in photography. We must be able to judge .

example:an walking man on the beach stand out from the sand around it or will prove distracting.

In this photography landscape the strong side light of early morning has produced large areas of deep shadow in the beach sand.Good subject matter in photography - walking man on the beach. Black white landscape photography brings comfort feeling and good memories of the Beach.

Other picture of photography landscape 

Lightning of darkness .

Lightning of darkness
This is one of my friend best shot of fineart photography  . His name is Tengku Muhd Fakhruddin and he taken a diploma of photography in unisel . He give a name " Ligthning of darkness" of his picture because for him the light will delighthing of each part of his soul.  Based on his story to me , he stay under a bridge while waiting the storm came out . To take this picture he already waiting about 3-4 hours also around 20-30 shot have been taken by him to got this perfect picture .  When he shoot this picture he have to face a challanges like raining, soaking wet and the risk to lightning strike. Im very excited to hear his experience of taking this picture and i hope one day i can follow him to shoot a picture like this :) Im proud of you bestfriend ;p