Lightning of darkness .

Lightning of darkness
This is one of my friend best shot of fineart photography  . His name is Tengku Muhd Fakhruddin and he taken a diploma of photography in unisel . He give a name " Ligthning of darkness" of his picture because for him the light will delighthing of each part of his soul.  Based on his story to me , he stay under a bridge while waiting the storm came out . To take this picture he already waiting about 3-4 hours also around 20-30 shot have been taken by him to got this perfect picture .  When he shoot this picture he have to face a challanges like raining, soaking wet and the risk to lightning strike. Im very excited to hear his experience of taking this picture and i hope one day i can follow him to shoot a picture like this :) Im proud of you bestfriend ;p


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