Black and White Photography Techniques.

From black and white photos it can get more when converting it into HDR. The most important thing to know about converting your color digital files to black and white photography is :
  1. you must adjust the contrast and exposure settings until you have a true black and a bright white. explanation: If there are vibrant colors to be reveals, it's best left in color! the best is b&w food photography on film! Black and White Conversions: Convert to Grey scale.
  2. the Hue/Saturation Tool
  3. Gradient Map.
  4. Channel Mixer. explanationmake a duplicate layer, convert that layer to mono in which ever way you prefer, probably best to use Channel Mixer as you can't change the mode of the image to greyscale (that would turn the other layer to mono too), to erase through to the colored areas you want to keep. You can of course do the same thing by selecting the area you want colored and then hitting Backspace to remove the selected area.They  found it useful to create one new layer per color as this gives you the ability to fine tune with layer opacity, different blending modes and masking out areas of over-spill, part masking areas where two colors blend etc.

The other way is shoot in black and white in your camera. Black and White Photography Techniques can produce some really nice results. There are several different ways of producing a black and white conversion, some better than others obviously, and some that require a little bit more effort. For the record I usually use the channel mixer as it allows you to pull the conversion but it's not as complicated as LAB mode! 

I do love black and white photos:D


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